About This Business


Some of our specialties are treatments for acne prone skin, European facials, deep pore cleansing, waxing & threading, brow design, brazilian waxing, wedding make-up, microdermabrasion, anti-aging treatments and stress reducing therapy/massage.

Established in 1997 Mariya's Skin Care is centered around the philosophy of "Personal Touch". Every client's specific condition and needs are different and so should be the approach!

Meet the Business Owner: Mariya B.
Mariya, owner and founder of Mariya's Skin Care is a professionally trained and licensed esthetician, beauty therapist and make-up artist. She has been practicing skin care for over 25 years in both Europe and the US. While in Europe, Mariya received the title of "Master - Golden Hands". Mariya has been featured on the Channel 8 News, Channel 6, Channel 10 and various radio shows and publications and has earned a loyal following in San Diego among men and women alike!
Usually don't pamper myself much with facials or massages, let alone waxing my eye brows, but I have to say after seeing Mariya I think I'm hooked! Normally when I walk into a spa or salon, I feel like the environment is kind of plastic and judgmental - people telling you what you should look like instead of listening to what you want. I didn't feel that at all at Mariya's Skin Care - I felt like I was at home.
Mariya is one of the most present estheticians I've been to and she really cares about her clients. I find that hard to come by these days. I can't wait to try out more services she offer.
Thank you Mariya.
Michelle F. San Diego, CA