About This Business


Some of our specialties are treatments for acne prone skin, European facials, deep pore cleansing, waxing & threading, brow design, brazilian waxing, wedding make-up, microdermabrasion, anti-aging treatments and stress reducing therapy/massage.

Established in 1997 Mariya's Skin Care is centered around the philosophy of "Personal Touch". Every client's specific condition and needs are different and so should be the approach!

Meet the Business Owner: Mariya B.
Mariya, owner and founder of Mariya's Skin Care is a professionally trained and licensed esthetician, beauty therapist and make-up artist. She has been practicing skin care for over 25 years in both Europe and the US. While in Europe, Mariya received the title of "Master - Golden Hands". Mariya has been featured on the Channel 8 News, Channel 6, Channel 10 and various radio shows and publications and has earned a loyal following in San Diego among men and women alike!
I'm not a make up person usually, Mariya just made it very elegant and natural. I just loved it very much that I could nt thank her more.
Sai D. San Diego, CA
Mariya brings the best of European skin care products and her deep knowledge of aesthetics to customized and gentle treatments in a soothing setting. She's the only one I trust my skin to!
Maddie W. San Diego, CA
My goal was to do a brow wax but let me just say, I am not an expert on facials but this was the best facial treatment I ever had.
A friend recommend Mariya to me who did her waxing here and so decided to try it out. It was a bit odd to go to a Salon inside the residential building but this place is more like a hotel and the salon is super cute!
The first time I was there, the brow wax was $15 with a coupon deal and she took off another 15% because I was a first time client which was totally reasonable. The procedure was painless but Mariya told me that my skin is sensitive and that I should stay out of the sunlight and try threading next time. Not sure about the threading yet but she did convince me to try one of her facial treatments and SOOO happy i did! Just want to not that I did get some sensitivity in the eyebrow area afterwards but nothing unusual.
So about the 2nd time, the glorious facial! I think the key here is the extraction because as good as regular facials that I've had before are, nothing clears the pores like this! I had some little marks after the extraction for like a day or two but my skin is so amazingly clear now! Don't remember what the facial was called but I paid $65 for it and it lasted about an hour, maybe more. I think the pricing on her website is a bit confusing since I thought this would cost more so I think it makes sense to talk to her about exactly what she would recommend and double check the price. Because for the price I paid it was totally worth it. Will be back to Mariya's again!
Jenya B. Oceanside, CA
I found Mariya's services on living social. I liked that she was very accommodative and scheduled me on the same day. The location isn't best. It is inside of a residential building. The front desk people were nice and helped with the detections.
When I met Mariya downstairs, she gave me a form to fill out and even though it wasn't my first time for Brazilian waxing, she explained to me the process.
Mariya was as fast as some cosmetologists, BUT I had almost no ingrowns after this waxing. Mariya is definitely a cosmetologists that choose quality over quantity.
Katia L. San Diego, CA
It's my first time getting extractions, so I was definitely worried about the horrific pain that people described about.
However, Mariya was very patient and gentle. She comforted me and taught me how to breath so that the extraction would be less painful. Even though at some points I can still feel the burning sensation but it went by fast.
She cleaned up my skin and offered oxygen treatment, and provided antibiotics ointment.
The room was pretty chilly but she offered layers of blanket to keep you warm.
Overall you're in a good hand for professional extractions.
Christine C. La Jolla, San Diego, CA
Mariya is very proffessional. She knows what she is doing. I do not have good skin and don't do much to take care of it. She was frank about what was needed, how much it cost, method of payment and she came on a weekend to accommodate me. My skin looked better just after one treatment. I will be going back.
Varuna R. San Diego, CA
Mariya brings the best of European skin care products and her deep knowledge of aesthetics to customized and gentle treatments in a soothing setting. She's the only one I trust my skin to!
Isabelle Kay
Mariya continues to amaze me with her knowledge and abilities! As a teacher, I have witnessed the effect of the full moon, but didn't realize that you could do anything about its energy. What a wonderful experience I had at Mariya's Skin Care Today. After a Reiki session,
I felt wonderfully relaxed and calm-- and it continues now! I heartily recommend a Reiki season with her. You will love the calming effect and the positive energy that will remain with you! Here's to the full moon!
June Richards
Mariya brings the best of European skin care products and her deep knowledge of aesthetics to customized and gentle treatments in a soothing setting. She's the only one I trust my skin to!
Isabelle Simonne
I have lived in several states, a variety of places and have received brazilian waxes and also facials from many estheticians ranging from expensive spas and resorts to quick asian wax. Mariya is at the top of the elite league of professionals that live and breathe what they practice and she truly has a passion for natural ingredients which nourish our largest organ, our skin. This dedication is a key driver to her success, she knows her value and is worth every dollar. The waxes do not leave my skin irritated in comparison with previous experiences and the growth is significantly less. She has a variety of waxes depending on the skin, and her wax mixtures change from one month to the next depending on the seasonal change.

Her facials are magical ! Her fingers have an automatic massage dance over my face, and it is a peaceful pampering experience. She tests the skin, and also is able to give her input on ingredients on products currently used. I thought neutrogena was a safe call, but also has negative chemicals. The moisturizer i know use is absolutely amazing. She travels internationally and personally knows the leaders in the natural skin product industry.

I am very happy i found Mariya. I valet or park my car at the Regents, sign in, say hello to some lovely elderly people, chat in the elevator, and smile at someone who is well into their golden years. Being in a private, clean, relaxing room in the complex's salon within an over 50 residential high-rise does not affect my desire to receive a highly professional experience at small business owner.
Theresa C. La Jolla, CA
I've been going to see Mariya for over a year now, and I've really noticed a difference in my skin. Her knowledge of methods, peels, and overall skin care is excellent. It's the best hour you can spend pampering your face. I highly recommend trying her out, and I think you'll be very happy. Thanks Mariya!!
I was suggested Mariya by my dermatologist about a year ago for my adult acne. I have been most satisfied with her ability. She has magic fingers that seem to rejuvenate my skin. With the healthy products she uses and her trained skill I have seen and been told there is a remarkable difference in my skin.
Cyla A.
Okay, I'm going to be totally honest here. As far as salons –Pacific Regent one,- is very nice. It's really spacious and pleasant. You don't feel like you're sitting elbow-to-elbow with another customer, listening to every single gossip-y conversation in the whole joint and inhaling more hair spray than is probably healthy. The parking is definitely NOT a hassle at all, and the neighborhood (beautiful UTC/ La Jolla) is lovely and extremely convenient for lunch, Peet’s Coffee, shopping, frozen yogurt...anything you'd want before, during or after a trip to the salon. HOWEVER: to be quite honest, there is one reason and one reason alone that I go to this place: Mariya B. She is extremely talented, totally hilarious and her work is beyond amazing. I've never been disappointed leaving her room.. She has fantastic intuition and the ability to decipher what you want quickly and precisely. She is efficient, honest and her technique is flawless. I'll follow her wherever she goes,
Lina R.
I moved to this area not too long ago and am so glad that I found Mariya. Of course her waxes are done very well, as painless as possible and everything looks very clean. But I think what I like most about Mariya is her professional and very caring demeanor. The entire time during the wax I feel like she actually cares about me and she does everything she can to make me feel as relaxed as possible. She even calls a day or two after to make sure that every is alright and there was no problem with the wax. I like that she give recommendations on after care and makes the overall experience as pleasant as a wax can be. I would definitely recommend Mariya to everyone looking for a great esthetician!
I was just in last night to have some damage from a horrid facial at one of our SD's best resorts "fixed" and some threading done in my face. I did my research and found from general public opinion she was one of the best. So I made my appt... and walked in skeptical yet hopeful of the experience. Lets just say that I was there two hours and it felt like 45 min! She did an INTENSE checking of my skin..... Applied a mask and treatment to soothe my skin after threading and shaping my eye brows... I will never go anywhere else. I've already booked two more appts w her and she's becoming as important as my family physician. Even if you're not sure if your want to head in yet.... Just go in for a consult and try something small.... She'll make a believer out of you too.
Cassandra Joy
I searched all around to find a place to get my eyebrows threaded, and after being lost searching for hard to find businesses, rude staff etc... I eventually found Mariya and will not be seeing anyone else.
She makes the experience very calming with a lie down table, wraps you in a blanket, and aromatherapy wrap over your eyes in-between the threading. Never have I been treated this way for a simple threading service. After the threading is said and done, she does them up with makeup so that you are ready to walk out and get on with your day- without having to worry about red eyebrows. And I must say she does an amazing job shaping and cleaning them up- I have been to her three times now and they are consistently perfect! I would have spent the same amount of money for a lot less at other places I have tried (Including sitting in a chair in the middle of the mall where everyone is walking by watching you squirm). I would Highly recommend seeing her for any of her services she offers.
Nicole Jason W.
Mariya is the best. Her discipline, unerring eye, ability to bring out the best in a woman combined with her positive energy and crackling good humor make her truly one of a kind.
She is the one I count on to make me look my absolute best, no matter what.
Thank you Mariya, for always giving your all and making it look so easy."
Jana Skrinski
The best facial I've ever had, better than the fanciest salons!
All the services are top notch.
Cortney B.
Mariya’s skin care goes beyond excellence in the skin care industry. The products are superb and the facials are like nothing I've experienced before.
If had to rate them 1-10 I would give them a 10.
Thank you Mariya!"
I've been coming to Mariya’s almost 16 years and I've never found another spa that gives better facials. The massages, body scrubs, facials and skin care are the best in the city. There is no better place to de-stress and pamper yourself. Excellent service!
Mariya has been taking care of me and my brows for 16 years! She is a beautiful artist, and I love the pampering she includes in a brow wax. The aromatherapy and calming music with her gentle touch have made look forward to each visit. Who can you trust with your eye brows? Mariya. She is the best! (And her facials are out of this world!)
June R.
Absolutely love the results of my eyebrow threading, Mariya! No ugly breakouts and they're finally even! Thank you, Ill be back :)
Rachel M. San Diego, CA
Thanks, Mariya, for an absolutely delicious facial today! The whole experience made me feel so nurtured and relaxed, and my skin looks GREAT! :D
Lisa Mintz Kavas
Love when I can make appointments via email!!! Got in with Mariya for waxing and she was pretty awesome. Definitely wasn't anything like pain I thought I might experience. She was professional, kind and funny...she really makes the customer feel welcome. 100% worth it.. Will be back!!!
Bess K. McDade La Jolla, CA
Fantastic! I am a licensed esthetician myself and recently come to San Diego.. I am very picky about my facials!! Mariya was AWESOME! She was the perfect mix of pampering and effective skin care. She got me unclogged in the pores and de stressed in the body! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. And I love the retail section. I got myself some fantastic skin care. I highly recommend Mariya’S Skin Care to anyone looking to bring their inner beauty out!
Patricia R. San Diego, CA
Long story short, the 5 star reviews do this place justice.
Debra M. San Diego, CA
I live in San Francisco and I occasionally come down to visit my family....a friend of mine recommended Mariya’s Skincare for a facial and I am so grateful she did... Mariya was very sweet and gentle which I needed.......and I was so grateful to the customer service that she provided, she didn't pressure me to buy everything at once she educated me on the products. and suggested what was best for my skin.....I really enjoyed my experience there!
Lillian S. San Francisco
I have continued to go to Mariya over the last 5 months but for someone who has always had great skin I tend to be lazy about maintenance. She recently suggested I dye my eyebrows which I thought would be a little "high maintenance" although it is the exact opposite, I now never have to darken them with shadow anymore! Mariya has also been encouraging me to use better skincare. I bought what she suggested and I cannot believe how much better my skin feels! I love Mariya and completely trust her for all my skincare needs!
Emily S. San Diego, CA
What's not to LOVE about Mariya”s Skin Care!? Mariya takes pride in her work and is the best esthetician I have ever had do my facials. Her place is very nicely adorned with her products and has a warm welcoming feel upon entering. I received not only a facial and brow shaping but a relaxing shoulder and neck massage with it. I recommend this business to any woman looking for great skin and person who do really care for her customers. Hint: try the Silk Facial...you will love it!
Ethel M. San Diego, CA
At first, I wasn't sure about waxing but I wanted to check out Mariya”s Skin Care, based on great reviews from friends. Mariya has such a professionally calm and relaxed personality that put me at ease. She asked me questions and got into conversation during the appt, which really helped me feel comfortable.
I recommend her to anyone that is skeptical about waxing and is looking for someone professional. Warning,- that you might love it and want to revisit many times in the future! It makes you feel really sexy! :-)
Gina B. San Diego, CA
Excellent service and Mariya really really knows her stuff. Highly recommend.
Robin O.
Mariya was awesome :) She gave me my first Brazilian wax ever and she walked me through it and was really comforting. She has a special - $35 for first time clients, price is originally $50 and up. I also did a back facial. Overall I was very satisfied :D Will be coming back.
Nicole H. La Jolla, CA
Usually don't pamper myself much with facials or massages, let alone waxing my eye brows, but I have to say after seeing Mariya I think I'm hooked! Normally when I walk into a spa or salon, I feel like the environment is kind of plastic and judgmental - people telling you what you should look like instead of listening to what you want. I didn't feel that at all at Mariya's Skin Care - I felt like I was at home.
Mariya is one of the most present estheticians I've been to and she really cares about her clients. I find that hard to come by these days. I can't wait to try out more services she offer.
Thank you Mariya.
Michelle F. San Diego, CA
Just had a facial with Mariya yesterday. The process with making the appointment was great - she was very responsive, and I can be difficult to schedule with. 
Her facial was really, really good - I was impressed.  I had a deep pore cleansing facial - she was very thorough, yet gentle, and my skin feels and looks great today (and did yesterday as well).  She also did a very good job with making me feel relaxed, and using all sorts of great things on my face.
I especially liked that nothing she used had a strong scent.  I use really natural skincare, and it felt like what she was using must be fairly natural as well.
If I could vote for one improvement - which really does not count as part of a facial review, it's this... when I've had facials before (and I've only had 4 or 5 in my life), it's always included a hand or foot massage, usually while the mask was on - and that's something she didn't do.  If she had, boy, it would have been exceptional.
But I'm still definitely a fan, and can highly recommend her!
Shana F. San Diego, CA
Lovely, relaxing, deep-cleaning facial, complexion-improving peel...regardless of your skin-care needs Mariya is first-rate. She is very accommodating, a true professional, and her new location is nicer and still very convenient.
Lara G. Del Mar, CA
Mariya is the seventh threader I've gone to in San Diego County... and after three months in a row of seeing her, my eyebrows have never looked better.  I'm picky-- I have a hard time resisting the urge to test the waters and try new people.... but I'm staying put with Mariya for eyebrow threading.  She's so careful, she doesn't rush, she uses aromatherapy, the price is right, her cortisone cream is phenomenal, and she even has auto-schedule appointment/ reminder services via email and personal phone calls.  What's not to like?!
Laura G. Del Mar, CA
I have been going to Mariya for threading for several months now and she does a wonderful job, I have very sensitive skin and I never leave with redness or irritation.
Chrissy C. San Diego, CA
I have a very sensitive skin with acne, so it's double the trouble to take care of it. During the facial,Mariya was diligent extracting all my facial impurities and making sure not to irritate my skin, which can be challenging. She also uses high quality products, which were totally appreciated by my skin :) A couple of days later and my skin is glowing. Now I'm ready for photo sessions at my two friends' upcoming weddings!
Anuta A. San Diego, CA
Mariya totally saved me for my Vegas trip.
I had a different place cancel on me and only had the day before leaving to get things ready. She came in last minute and helped a girl out.
She was very professional and clearly knew what she was doing. Her main concern was to not irritate my skin. She sent me home with some antibiotic cream to make sure nothing goes array.
I also got my eyebrows done and they look great. Natural and not too thin. I have a lot of eyebrow so going too thin just looks funny.
I like the location which is right next to my chiropractor and Brazilian Blowout professional. She has a cute little room in the back of Salon David Perez. The ceiling has a very nice drape decoration thing going on.
I will visit her again.
Maria B. San Diego, CA
I got married in April this year.  My skin needed some serious attention with all the photos expected on the big day.  I had customized facials including the choclate and champage treatments that made my skin glow! Not to mention, I needed the time to unwind with all the stress of planning the wedding day.  She also did my eyebrows which turned out perfect, no redness or bumps.  She also gave me some great make-up tips.  I highly reccomend Mariya's Skin Care. I have been going to Mariya for nearly a decade and she has done wonders to my acne and sun damaged skin.  I wasnt afraid of the camera on my big day thanks to all the skin care from Mariya.
Wendy M. La Jolla, CA
Mariya is fabulous.  I have been a client for 10 years, and her work has consistent through this entire time.  I made the mistake of trying a different aesthetician who was closer to my house a few years ago, and realized I made a huge mistake when that person hacked my eyebrows.  Mariya's facials are also a relaxing experience.  You won't be disappointed!
Patsy B. San Diego, CA
Mariya is great! I had a stressful week and my skin needed to be in the hands of a professional, and that's what I got. I saw the Valentine's Day special and thought, well, a European facial, that has to help. I left a message late at night and Mariya got me an appointment the very next day. I told her what my concerns were with my skin and she ended up tailoring the facial to my needs. My skin felt and looked awesome walking out the door, not to mention in the subsequent days. It's too bad I don't live in San Diego anymore but I'm already planning to try and schedule a visit with Mariya each time I visit now!
Sarah D. Davis, CA
I just moved from another state, and it is always a challenge trying to find a great brow waxing place, hairdresser, dog groomer, etc. I first tried threading for the first time after moving her, but I'm not sure if the gal who did my brows was great or not, but they weren't what I expected and they weren't shaped the way I wanted them. I found Mariya's after yelping, and found a coupon for a brow wax-- the best choice ever! Mariya's precision and ease was amazing- she was very open to listening to what I wanted, and the wax was painless (compared to other waxes I've had in the past- and I've been getting my brows waxed for 10 yrs). Also, I brought a $20 coupon, but she gave me another discount for $18, b/c she said there was another special, and to save my coupon for another day. Very sweet lady. I will definitely be coming back- in fact, I already booked my next appt with her in 3 weeks. Maybe I'll try one of her facials too. 
MiChi S. San Diego, CA
I have had the pleasure of getting several facials by Mariya. Living in the Costa Verde Towers I have to say the location is excellent and I can just walk right over with no fuss on parking.
Mariya always makes me feel at ease and helps me to relax, even if I see her after a stressful day. Nice soft music, great attention to detail with my skin, and always a through consultation about what meds or herbs I may be taking and what is going in my life that may be effecting my skin.
Her space in the back of this salon is small, but she manages to make me feel as if I've escaped from the world as soon as I put on that robe and relax onto her table.
Thank you Mariya! And my skin says thank you too!
Melinda M. San Diego, CA
Marya was offering a free brow wax and mini facial as a special through yelp, so i thought why not.
Her "office" is located at the back of a salon, and is legitimately a closet with a sink. However, she decorates it amazingly! the cabinets are so cute (though unless youre a kind of cabinet aficionado, i wouldn't think thats the ONLY reason to go) and there are beautiful drapings and mirrors.
I love that she puts on calming music and  takes her time with my brows. I mean, hey, if im paying (which i guess i wasnt...) then i should get her full attention.
Anyway, i loved the brows. its a bit pricey (normal price is 30?) but -and im not too sure about this- it seems like she offers a lot of deals and specials. I'll go back at least once more.
Sylvea W. La Jolla, CA
Mariya is an artist.  I first went to her when I was tired of the mediocre eyebrow waxes that I was used to getting in the UTC area. I was stunned by the quality of her work. Later, I tried her eyebrow tinting (after I changed my hair color). Again, she hit a home run! I don't usually get facials, but decided to get one from Mariya. It was freakin' amazing!  I could see a noticeable difference in my skin tone (not to mention softness) immediately and it lasted for weeks. My chief regret is that I can't afford to get facials more often. Her prices are very fair for the quality of the work, but I've got a limited "pampering" budget.
Nancy G. San Diego, CA