About This Business


Some of our specialties are treatments for acne prone skin, European facials, deep pore cleansing, waxing & threading, brow design, brazilian waxing, wedding make-up, microdermabrasion, anti-aging treatments and stress reducing therapy/massage.

Established in 1997 Mariya's Skin Care is centered around the philosophy of "Personal Touch". Every client's specific condition and needs are different and so should be the approach!

Meet the Business Owner: Mariya B.
Mariya, owner and founder of Mariya's Skin Care is a professionally trained and licensed esthetician, beauty therapist and make-up artist. She has been practicing skin care for over 25 years in both Europe and the US. While in Europe, Mariya received the title of "Master - Golden Hands". Mariya has been featured on the Channel 8 News, Channel 6, Channel 10 and various radio shows and publications and has earned a loyal following in San Diego among men and women alike!
Just had a facial with Mariya yesterday. The process with making the appointment was great - she was very responsive, and I can be difficult to schedule with. 
Her facial was really, really good - I was impressed.  I had a deep pore cleansing facial - she was very thorough, yet gentle, and my skin feels and looks great today (and did yesterday as well).  She also did a very good job with making me feel relaxed, and using all sorts of great things on my face.
I especially liked that nothing she used had a strong scent.  I use really natural skincare, and it felt like what she was using must be fairly natural as well.
If I could vote for one improvement - which really does not count as part of a facial review, it's this... when I've had facials before (and I've only had 4 or 5 in my life), it's always included a hand or foot massage, usually while the mask was on - and that's something she didn't do.  If she had, boy, it would have been exceptional.
But I'm still definitely a fan, and can highly recommend her!
Shana F. San Diego, CA